Beware the AI evangelists


I swear AI evangelists have barely used the products they’re weak at the knees about. I’m not saying machine learning won’t eventually enable artificial intelligence to perform bigger, more complex actions, but right now, they’re extremely limited.

A prominent influencer and business mogul posted a video about the wonders of ChatGPT. They recommended using it for insights into certain industries. These could then be used to build strategies to enter a new market because “Google won’t be able to do that”. So I tried it.

At a glance, they looked decent. The replies covered all bases. But anyone with half a brain and a few seconds to dig a little deeper could see they were safe bet bullet points that provided little to zero insights. And here lies the problem.

Most champions of AI take it at face value. They input a command and are dazzled by the result. *Any* result. Then they tell their followers about it, close their laptops and order another flat white. If it *looks* good enough, it’s good enough.

I’ll leave you with another example. The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover has gone viral recently because AI has been used to expand the picture to show what the area outside it could look like. Just don’t tell those fawning over the image that Abbey Road exists in real life.

AI is good, but it’s wrong to assume it’s capable of performing miracles.


Our founder, Nathan Irvine, originally created this post on his LinkedIn profile. Edits have been made to provide extra context.

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