Revisiting our 2023 copywriting industry predictions

At the beginning of 2023, we predicted how the copywriting industry would change. We thought we’d take a look back at what we forecast and see how close or wide of the mark we were. Keep an eye on the blog later in the week for our 2024 predictions.

Prediction #1 – More journalists will enter the copywriting field

From a personal standpoint, we’ve seen an increase in this. It’s nothing too dramatic, but it’s an uptick, nonetheless. Former colleagues and peers have left editorial roles and moved away from newspapers, magazines, and websites to take up roles in copywriting. Budget cuts focusing on cheaper labour and free writers such as ChatGPT drive salaries down. On the flip side, the potential earnings for expert copywriting are still climbing.

Prediction #2 – AI-generated copy will become more commonplace

Using AI to write articles has become a dirty little secret for companies and brands. Sports Illustrated is a prime example of the shame behind it. It used AI-generated copy with A-generated author names and AI-generated portraits of these fictitious writers. SI tried to blame a third party for the omnishambles, but the damage was done. They’re not alone in trying it, either. The number of press releases, LinkedIn posts, and social captions we’ve seen obviously churned out with AI has increased massively.

Prediction #3 – Entry-level copywriting roles will be reduced

It’s hard to nail down the figures but bear with us. Continuing a slightly annoying trend, we found that many advertising junior roles across LinkedIn jobs and Indeed required years of experience. We also responded to some RFPs that wanted senior expertise for entry-level fees. This way of thinking isn’t limited to copywriting, mind. But with an increasing number of companies using free AI-generated content for basic tasks, a fledgling copywriter is now being asked to do way more just to get a foot in the door.


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